Become a Virtual Superhero.

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Camera Comfort

Workplace Layout

Participant Engagement

Technology and Equipment

Workflow Design

Acting and Speaking Skills

Voice Practice

Seminar Automation

Automate technology to keep your head free for content and audience.

Virtual trainers are always challenged by handling workshop content, participant engagement and technology challenges at the same time. We want you to keep your head where it belongs: on the content and your audience. In our course, we'll help you automate your tech with awesome effects and create virtual engagement at the press of a button.



Engaged Participants


Years of Virtual Training Experience


Hours of Preparation


Visuals Created

“I was blown away by what I was able to do as a tech novice.”

Brett Llewellyn, Consultant in Dubai

...and here are the things we'll help you accomplish

Engage your audience

Use online tools and techniques

Set up a home studio

Use professional technology

Build your own workflows

Keep things moving

Combine various visual feeds

Automate recurring activities

Bring in polls and whiteboards

Project yourself into your slides

Self-Paced Learning

In our self-paced courses, you decide your own speed, time investment and sequence of topics.

Live Practice

Come and join us for the monthly live practice sessions where you get to test your tech with other participants, ask your questions and build a powerful support network.

You're Not Alone

In our kickoff call, we'll help you define learning and tech goals and only leave you when they have been achieved.

Constant Updates

Since the launch of the course, we have already added over 15% more content and we're not going to stop.

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We come to the table with:

“My clients immediately noticed the difference and booked another session right away.”

John Elliott, Sales and Leadership Coach, USA

“I'm not yet where I want to be but I've come a long way already.”

Krysta Fox, Strategy Consultant in Dubai